Our Story

A Dedicated Team

LeGreens was shaped from the aspiration to raise awareness for the importance of urban green spaces. Implementing greens means also creating opportunities and growth.

Our team is proud to follow the trends while maintaining the respect of the environment, to meet the variable needs. Understanding where we are, what we have motivates us to share good energy and help build for a better tomorrow.

We will be happy to share with you our passion for plants, green spaces and flowers.

LeGreens is committed to offer you, at your doorstep, a better, greener tomorrow.


LeGreens Philosophy

Every year, we have a few or many periods where we feel challenged. We are taught to disregard our wellness and push our feelings deep down inside, which makes us develop anxieties about the future. We forget what's really "important" to us.

LeGreens was also created in order to help remember those important things, specially what we call "life".

Plants are the best medium through wich we can learn some of the most important lessons in life. Plants move at their own pace, they are true and "happy" with being themselves. They don't set limits for themselves and may struggle through their "paths", wich makes them steadily “stronger”. Plants also turn towards the "good energy", the Sun.

LeGreens story is a beautiful story of a plant. We wish everyone to have their own beautiful plants stories.