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Hello everyone, this is Jean your Sunday blogger. We are starting a new series of capsules on LeGreens touching a little from A to Z on the daily basis. We will visit the collaborations, the maintenance of plants and flowers once a month.

Today we have a special collaboration between LeGreens and Geb. You will probably ask me "what is LeGreens or Geb? Don't worry, in a moment you will find out.

This week's collaboration is for Valentine's Day. A day that will never be the same as those of past years, with mask, distance and above all hand cleaning.

LeGreens is a Montreal company of 3 guys who decided to start a plant and cut flower shop. Childhood friends who studied in various fields have a vision to reconnect people with nature and improve their everyday lives, both at work and at home. Imagine a wall of plants at your work or a small cactus at the edge of your bedroom window, it completely changes the mood of your environment.

Geb is in a completely different field, which is founded by Gabrielle Paradis. An artist also from Montreal who started modeling at the age of 14. She has no limits in her designs. She can find inspiration in the smallest detail like rose petals. Gab grew up in a family where art was at the center of their values ​​and freedom of expression was paramount above all. Geb's mother of creations has no restrictions, her goal is to create to embellish everyday life, transform a simple 'lighter' from your local convenience store into one that you would find in an exhibition at Louvre.

Did I do an interview to see how this collaboration came to fruition? Is it going well? Will there be another collab in the future?

LeGreens: We approached Geb, one of our founders knew Gabrielle, he was in the same field for a period of his life (modeling). We simply asked if Geb would like to do a collab and the fate between the two companies of artists is linked. Gabrielle is really easy to talk to, her designs are really coming for you. It's just as cute as it is impressive to see someone do it all by hand. We really like this collaboration, and we would like to do more in the future.

Geb: I think LeGreens have a really clear vision and as soon as they asked me, I accepted. It was a risk I took that opened a new creative door and it was also my very first collaboration. I find them ambitious and easy to work with. If I had to make the decision again, I would do exactly the same. I hope to be able to make other collabs in the future. 

The designs she created for Valentine's Day are the following 3: Two styles of seashell earrings that she hand-fished from a lake (still amazing in my opinion!) And a pendant in heart. LeGreens and Geb have a selection of duos which are "heart pendant" or "mini flower earring" or "big flower earring" with your choice of roses. The other choices are the house original which are an "Passion Love & Mini Flower" or "Passion Love & Heart Pendant" flower arrangement.

That's it for our capsule this month already. Follow us next month for another capsule on plant care that will be unveiled the same day.

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